FP Culture – Crossfit: The Bastardization of Functional Training Part 1


  1. mikemarin106

    I think it’s great that you’re out to educate people.
    Crossfit, in it’s core, promotes a good philosophy: Functional movements.
    Variety. Relative high intensity.
    Somewhere along the way, however, it morphed into a douche-fest. Sad.
    Still, thanks to Crossfit, I was exposed to other types of training.

  2. Alex Bonesteel

    No one is up in arms about what CrossFit is doing besides people that think
    they have a better training program. I think results speak volumes and
    you’ll find way more people who had amazing results with it that people who
    tried it and didn’t like it. The people who quit generally just aren’t hard
    individuals and don’t handle challenge well. When they do something and
    they suck at it, they get discouraged rather than asking "How can I get
    better at that?".

    People that stick with it gain tons of confidence and ability all across
    the board. Also, at my box we do a lot of rotational movements, like
    rotational medicine ball throws, sledgehammer work, turkish get ups, etc…
    The point of needing rotational movements is valid, but everything else you
    talk about looks like BS according to the personal research I’ve done.

    I’ll tell you this though, one thing that nobody talks about is the mental
    toughness that CrossFit develops. People that do CrossFit gain extreme
    mental toughness and drive and usually end up being successful not just in
    the box, but outside of it as well. I’ve seen this so many times it’s
    impossible for me to ignore. Meeting an incredibly difficult challenge head
    on and conquering it is one of the most rare and valuable feelings in life
    and that’s what CrossFit gives you every day. That’s why people are so
    loyal to it in spite of what all the haters say.

  3. William Rajbar

    ALL exercise will stimulate the Sympathetic nervous system to increase in
    function; are you implying that the exercise you do somehow is different
    from crossfit in terms of Sympathetic/ parasympathetic response???? It is
    the accompanied increase in Parasympathetic response post exercise that you
    failed to mention. 

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