6-11-13 Project Mayhem – CrossFit Career Path


  1. J Helton

    #cfprojectmayhem I just started going to my local Crossfit gym and I love
    it. I even want to start competing in the open maybe next year. My question
    is what would be the best way to prepare for that? Right now my weakest
    links are metcon and BW movements. I came in with a powerlifting background
    so I have decent strength at most of the lifting. (365 squat, 435 DL, 225
    clean, 165 snatch, etc). I don’t want to move my focus on my weak points
    and lose strength, but I need to get better at them if I want to compete.

  2. Austin Doughty

    gimmie dat dam belt man, he just snatches that thing out of his hand..

  3. KayMaeBe

    I can’t hear anything Rich says while his shirt is off. Geez…. is this
    what guys feel like while watching bikini clad women? This is tough!!

  4. Devin Wilson

    Hahaha i did an internship at a gym and first day i actually offered to
    clean the toilets. They laughed and told me it wouldnt be necessary but its
    funny you mention that!

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