6-17-13 Project Mayhem – Choosing a CrossFit Gym


  1. Windlord

    Not at all. Go at your own ability, always focusing on form first, and
    you’ll reap the benefits.

  2. Adrian Sherwin

    Project Mayhem? Real original name.

  3. myrtlekt

    Never too old to get into CrossFit! We have some fit older people at our

  4. 06livefast

    #CFProjectMayhem Rich, I am new to Crossfit and am struggling with the
    transition from the typical high-volume bodybuilding regimen to
    lower-volume power and strength training and I feel like I have strength
    but it doesn’t show when I work on my power movements such as cleans,
    squats, deadlifts, etc. So I was wondering if this was normal and what you
    suggest for someone transitioning from bodybuilding style training to
    crossfit an power movements? #CFProjectMayhem

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